we are super excited to celebrate easter with the sweetest range of completely unique and completely delicious gifts!

a selection of decorated cookies, hand crafted easter eggs and easter themed cupcakes will be available in store from Friday April 12 or call (02) 40230867 to place an order!

decorated cookies

  • made to order (min 6) in bright, pastel, dinosaur or bunny theme

  • or a selection will be available in store

  • from $7.70 ea

handmade easter eggs

handmade easter eggs with super delicious belgian dark / white chocolate and homemade vanilla bean marshmallow- SUPER DELICIOUS FLAVOUR OPTIONS

  • dark chocolate rocky road

  • white chocolate twix + salted caramel

  • dark chocolate snickers

  • cookies + cream

  • magical candy

  • individually packaged $20 ea


  • a mix of chocolate eggs, decorated cookies, honey jumbles and cookies made to order.

  • made to any value starting from $40


THURSDAY 18th April  / 8am - 4pm
EASTER SATURDAY 20th April / 8am - 2pm
closed good friday