To compliment the quality of the cakes we are also extremely passionate about serving fine quality espresso and tea. Our team of expert baristas are dedicated to sourcing the finest coffee roasts and achieving an even extraction using our EK43 grinder. The coffee should be sweet and balanced served black or white, it should never be bitter. Using creamy jersey milk and steaming the milk to the perfect temperature creates a sweet white coffee which we recommend trying without sugar.

Our focus is on single origin lightly roasted coffee that allows the quality of the beans and their flavour profiles to be showcased, particularly when served black. We use melbourne based specialty roasters Small Batch as our primary coffee supplier to offer a unique coffee experience within Newcastle.

We also believe that drinking tea should be an experience within itself. We source pure varieties of tea from melbourne based suppliers Storm in a Teacup. Brewed to a specific weight / water ratio, temperature and time, the delicate characteristics of the variety are showcased. Again, tea should be balanced, never bitter.